• Iamdaisy

    I have been reading The Storybook of Legends and yes, I can see that Apple is selfish but I think she has reason to be concerned not really selfish.

    And I just love the way she has befriended her enemy and even wants to be friends when they have their story, how will that work though? I know in the story she is friendly and kind to the Evil Queen, so I guess that would work.

    But surely Apple wouldn't want something bad to happen to a true friend? So, I just can't see her selfish side, only a kind side and sweet side.

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  • Iamdaisy


    July 19, 2014 by Iamdaisy

    I am new, as I am sure everyone can tell, and I am making such a mess of this editing business. I have uploaded three images, two were the same, because I keep hitting the Publish button instead of Preview. I am rushing, cos I have other things to do. I am sorry for the extra images. Please, admin, tidy it up with my pleasure. Ahhhhh Sigh

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