EAH powers are also known as Magic Touch. Here are some of the magic touches of some of the characters.

Apple WhiteEdit

When she bats her eyelashes or sings, boys and birds come and rescue her.

Raven QueenEdit

She can cast magic

Maddie HatterEdit

She can pull anything out of her hat and she can hear the narrator


She can keep smiling even though she is yawning or doing anything else. She can vanish just like the Cheshire cat.

Lizzie Hearts Edit

She can create anything made out of hearts with the flick of her wrist.

Duchess Swan Edit

She can change into swan form.

Brair Beauty Edit

She can hear everything for miles when she sleeps.

Ashlynn Ella Edit

She can talk with animals.

Cedar Wood Edit

She can swim very well because she is made out of wood.

Cerise Hood Edit

She can run very fast like his father (THE WOLF)

Poppy O' HairEdit

Her hair is very valuble... it can be considered as money.