Poppy O'Hair Card

Poppy O'Hair is the daughter of Rapunzel and has a twin sister called Holly who is older than her by a hair. Because she is the only student at Ever After High who doesn't have a prewritten destiny, she gets to choose her own class schedule. Poppy works at The Tower Hair Salon.


Although Poppy comes from Royal roots she is not the typical prim and proper princess type. She adores her sister Holly O'Hair and is very friendly and helpful towards others.


Poppy has short reddish hair with one side of her hair dyed purple that has a long side section and she wears a pink scarf tied around her head. She has pale blue eyes. Poppy wears a pink and black top with lace ties on the arms, a purple and pink patterned short skirt with a black belt over black/grey leggings and pink laced boots. Around her neck and shoulders, she wears a thick grey scarf held together with a flower brooch that has a chain attached. She wears an earring in her left ear that is a tiny pair of scissors with a chain attached, that links to the top of her ear and a ring that is a design of a tiny pair of scissors.


Her mother is Rapunzel and Poppy has a twin sister called Holly who is also her Best Friend Forever After. The girls have a nanny called Nanny Nonna.


Poppy thinks Sparrow Hood is cute.


As well as her BFFA Holly, Poppy is also friends with Ashlynn Ella.

Where Poppy Can Be FoundEdit

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her fav pet is a dragon

Other InformationEdit

  • Poppy's roommate is her sister Holly O'Hair
  • Poppy likes to rock to some classic punk tunes while tidying her dorm room.
  • She also likes creating masterpiece hairstyles and she collects scarves.

Classes Poppy Attends:

  • Princess Design
  • Princessology
  • Grimmnastices
  • Muse-ic
  • Magicology (Possibly)
  • Hero Training (Possibly)