Milton Grimm
Headmaster at Ever After High.

Milton Grimm is the headmaster at Ever After High and is known as Headmaster Grimm. He and his brother Giles used to run the school together but Giles is now held in the Vault of Lost Tales and is cursed with a babbling spell. Milton Grimm refers to Apple White as his 'future Queen'.


Milton Grimm is a strict headmaster but shows favour to the Royals and shows them respect. He has a strong stance on every student following their destiny.


Milton has grey short hair and a grey moustache with long grey side burns. He has green eyes. Milton wears a long blue suit jacket with gold trim around the lapel, cuffs, back and buttons, dark blue trousers, grey waistcoat, pale grey shirt, blue tie with a clock tie pin and a lilac patterned scarf tucked just under his suit jacket. He wears brown shoes. He also carries a set of keys on a large hoop hanging under his jacket and he wears a blue ring on his middle finger of his right hand.


Milton has a brother called Giles.


Giles Grimm, Milton's brother