Lizzie Hearts Card

Lizzie Hearts who is a Royal, wants to be a kinder Queen than her mother, the Queen of Hearts. She wants to rule with dignity, class and not so much anger. Her childhood home was called Card Castle


Lizzie shouts Off with this and Off with that but she says it doesn't mean she is mad and people just need to get to know the real her.


Lizzie has long black hair with red streaks, green eyes and a heart shape that she paints over her left eye.


Lizzie's mother is the Queen of Hearts from Alice's Adventures In Wonderland.


According the the webisode Lizzie Heart's First Fairytale Date, she is dating Daring Charming.


Her best friends are Kitty Cheshire and Madeline Hatter. She is also acquaintances with her roommate, Duchess Swan.

Where Lizzie Can Be FoundEdit

Hanging out with Kitty in the Halls


Lizzie has a pet hedgehog called Shuffle.

Other InformationEdit

Lizzie's roommate at Ever After High is Duchess Swan.