Hopper as a boy from Here Comes Cupid


Hopper Croakington II is a shy student at Ever After High, who, when flustered changes into a frog that then has charm and charisma and a very posh voice. His known by his friends as Hopper.


Hopper stutters a lot when in human form when he tries to be charming around girls, but is quite poor at being charming. When he falters he turns into a frog but when in frog form, he has poetic charm and is extremely polite. With his male friends he is a lot more relaxed and confident and appears just like most other boys, he doesn't stutter.


Hopper has reddish brown short hair, green eyes and he wears a small gold crown tilted on his head. He wears a cream shirt with a tiny red bowtie, beige shorts with green socks. Hopper also wears a cerise patterned waistcoat under a gold patterned deep red jacket with black lapels, black trim and buttons and a gold handkerchief in his breast pocket. He also wears brown shoes. In frog form he wears the same red and gold crown.


Hopper Croakington II is the son of the Frog Prince from the story of the same name.


He has a huge crush on Briar Beauty.


Hooper is friends with Daring Charming and Sparrow Hood.

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Other InformationEdit

  • Hopper does not like it when Raven Queen uses the word toads as a derogatory term to others. But he does actually think that toads are jerks.