Daisy O'Hair

Daisy O' Hair is the youngest sister of the Hair family. She is an OC character and currently rooms with her two sisters, Holly and Poppy.


Daisy O' Hair is kind of selfish and braggy... she usually admires herself in the mirror and brags about her hair. Raven Queen once got so mad, she almost changed her hair to toads. 


Daisy O' Hair has rainbow, emo-like hair and she wears a lot of emo-y makeup. She also wears a blue dress like Elsa. She wears white, beautiful high heels that Apple White really wants.

Fairytale/ FamilyEdit

Daisy O' Hair's fairytale is Rapunzel and is the youngest sister of Holly O' Hair and Poppy O' Hair. She is the daughter of Rapunzel and usually carries a ruler around to measure her long hair to make sure it is exactly 8 inches... not longer or shorter. If it is longer, she cuts them with scissors.