C.A. Cupid card

C.A. Cupid is the adoptive daughter of Eros. She is not a fairytale but a myth and she guides others to find there true love although, she is well aware that she would like to find a special someone too. Cupid is not a good shot with her bow and arrow. She was very hexited to find out about True Hearts Day and shared it with her fellow students, firstly Briar Beauty. Cupid is an exchange student from a school called Monster High and she misses her ghouls from there. She wants to start a Mirrorcast advice show so she can help others write their Happily Ever After


She can help people listen to their heart, but is having trouble knowing what to do about listening to her own heart. She is very helpful and selfless as, although she likes Dexter, she advises him on his feelings for Raven.


Cupid has long pink flowing hair and blue eyes. She wears her hair long at the back but tied up at the front in a heart shape, held with a gold alice band, adorned with a pink bow and arrow. She wears gold wings and a gold twisted arrow as a necklace,


Cupid is the adopted daughter of Eros the Greek God of Love. She also has an Aunt Athena.


She is very keen on Dexter Charming and is finding it very difficult letting him know how she feels for him.


Cupid sees Apple White and Raven Queen as her Best Friends Forever After but likes anyone with an open heart.

Where Cupid Can Be FoundEdit

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She has a Pegasus named Peggy.

Other InformationEdit

  • C.A. Cupid roommates with Blondie Lockes.
  • Favourite subject: Mythology
  • Least favourite subject: Crownculus
  • Thinks Hocus Cupcake is Yum and that it must be made with love.