Briar Beauty

Briar Beauty is a character of Ever After High. Even though she is a royal, she doesn't want to sleep for 100 years, but she is looking forward to getting her Prince Charming.


A unicorn named Divacorn that she got in Legacy Year


Briar Beauty's mom is Sleeping Beauty and her fairy tale is Sleeping Beauty.


"If I'm going to be catching Z's for 100 years, I gotta live it up now!"


Briar has long, wavy brown hair with pink streaks inside. Briar's roomate is Ashlynn Ella. Sometimes, Briar's hair has a flower bun inside it. Briar tends to sleep in class and she usually gets in trouble for not listening (actually Briar just um... has unfrequent nap timings)


Apple White

Blondie Lockes