• Iamdaisy

    I have been reading The Storybook of Legends and yes, I can see that Apple is selfish but I think she has reason to be concerned not really selfish.

    And I just love the way she has befriended her enemy and even wants to be friends when they have their story, how will that work though? I know in the story she is friendly and kind to the Evil Queen, so I guess that would work.

    But surely Apple wouldn't want something bad to happen to a true friend? So, I just can't see her selfish side, only a kind side and sweet side.

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  • Ivypan800

    Lizzie Hearts Doll!!!

    August 2, 2014 by Ivypan800

    Hello Everyone!

    Today I got Lizzie Hearts!

    She is as tall as Maddie and I like her crown and shoes and ring and bag and dress and hair and the love heart on her eye and Everything. She also has a gold box and diary!!!

    Do you have lizzie or any other dolls?

    Please comment. Thanks for reading from Ivypan800 (talk)

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  • Peaceloveandwikioneverafterhighgurl2000

    I wish I was older like 15. But wikia said I wasn't old enough... finally this is my 13th bday! Yay! Finally but on my profile, I love maddie so I kind of pretend to be her... saying her bday and all that... :( Anways Tea Time? It is me again MSPEverAfterHighGurl911 but since my other acc was blocked, I made a new one... so can someone make me an admin? Thx! And I am not spamming btw

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  • Iamdaisy


    July 19, 2014 by Iamdaisy

    I am new, as I am sure everyone can tell, and I am making such a mess of this editing business. I have uploaded three images, two were the same, because I keep hitting the Publish button instead of Preview. I am rushing, cos I have other things to do. I am sorry for the extra images. Please, admin, tidy it up with my pleasure. Ahhhhh Sigh

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  • MSPEverafterhighgurl911

    Why does everyone like Daring Charming more than Dexter? Ugh... Daring is kind of cute but Dexter is cuter... even with his glasses on! I mean if you even look into those glasses and his hair, he is already so much more flawless! :) awww.... DEXTER should be the popular boy in the school. I mean... if you check out Daring, his hair is a big no-no!

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  • MSPEverafterhighgurl911


    July 15, 2014 by MSPEverafterhighgurl911

    I don't have the dolls yet, but I really want an Ever After High doll along with the True Hearts Day Secret Diary. Wouldn't that be spell-tactular? OR LETS SAY TEA-RRIFIC? I think I am getting these dolls on Christmas.... :D I am so Excited!

    Brair Beauty

    Raven Queen

    Maddie Hatter

    Lizzie Hearts

    Dexter Charming

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  • MSPEverafterhighgurl911

    You guys can create fandom charcters. I think this would be pretty exciting looking at other charcters besides the regular ones XD :)

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