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Apple White is a character/student of Ever After High. She shows concern for her roommate, Raven Queen, because Raven doesn't want to sign the book. Apple is losing her future nemesis and husband.


Apple works very hard in her lessons. She wants to be the best Queen ever and wants people to know her as the fairest of them all on the inside as well as the outside.


Apple has long, blonde hair and some people find it disappointing, because the Snow White story states that the princess should have short, ebony hair. She also dresses in a red dress with white ruffles.


Apple is the daughter of Snow White from the story Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


Apple is not dating anyone at the moment but it is assumed that her prince charming will be Daring Charming when her destiny unfolds.


Apple's friends are Briar Beauty and Blondie Lockes

Where Apple can be foundEdit

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Apple has a pet snow fox that she calls Gala, named after a variety of apple, that she got in Legacy Year.

Other InformationEdit

  • Whenever Apple bats her eyelashes she gets anything she wants. If she sings a song, birds try to come and rescue her. :)
  • Her former roommate was Briar Beauty. Currently, she is rooming with her future nemesis, Raven Queen.

Classes Apple Attends:

  • Kingdom Management
  • Cooking Class-ic
  • Princessology
  • Cooking Classic
  • Muse- ic
  • Grimmnastics
  • Home Evilnomices (Formerly)


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